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Station News

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 Department History 

Founding Years

The Corinth-Shiloh Fire Department was established in 1963 by members of our community and has been an all-volunteer organization for the last 60 years. In the early years, the department averaged 25 volunteers, responded to less than 100 fire calls annually, and had a budget of just a few thousand dollars.  The population of the district was just under 15,000 people and there were around 20 commercial businesses.  The 80-hours of training it took to become a fully trained firefighter could easily be accomplished in a couple of months by attending local classes a couple of evenings a week along with a few Saturdays.  The department was able to meet the response needs of the district by operating out of 1 station which housed 2 fire engines.  

Engine 31 & 32 History

Due to increased demand the department and community needed an additional fire truck outside of what was provided by the county. The first fire truck purchased independently by the Corinth-Shiloh Volunteer FD was a 1980 Seagrave model purchased in 1991.   After continued growth a second engine was purchased in 1998.  With limited volunteers who specialized in restoration and repairs they partnered with Keowee Key in 2007/8 to complete the restoration of the original fire engine.  The E-31 Fire Engine after repairs was renamed E-173

After Keowee Key no longer needed the engine, The leadership of Keowee and Corinth-Shiloh met and discussed the next phase of life for E-31/173 and it was decided to donate the engine to a department in DR. in 2019.

Engine 173 (Formerly E-31) is in service in the Dominican Republic.